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Become a Partner

Why be involved with Smartbox™?

  • If you would like to have national exposure and attract more customers, why not become a Smartbox partner?
  • Whether you are a bed and breakfast, a spa, or a leisure activity provider, we have a themed Smartbox™ that includes establishments like yours.
  • Our key criteria for inclusion in one of our guidebooks is Quality.
  • An attractive offer, a high standard of service and an enjoyable experience for all Smartbox™ customers.
  • Becoming a partner is straightforward - simply provide us with images and an appropriate package and we will handle the creation, production, distribution, marketing and communications relating to the Smartbox™ in which you will be featured.

  • The Smartbox™ concept is made for you!

*We reserve the right to choose our suppliers and / or activities. If you are selected, you will be included in the next edition of Smartbox™.


Send us your contact details, along with a brief presentation of your company and / or activity:

303 George St, Suite 103r
New Brunswick, NJ 08901